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7 Day Hawaii Cruise voyages have become one of the most popular and fun 7 day cruise journeys to be found.  Not only do you get to visit the islands of Hawaii, you also get to sail from one beautiful island to the next in the comfort and luxury of your cruise ship suite or cabin.  Seven Day Hawaii Cruises are offered almost year round and it is very easy to find and book the perfect 7 day Hawaii cruise with the many cruise itineraries being offered.  We will provide some of the current 7 Day Hawaii Cruise itineraries in this site and for the latest discounts, specials and other great values, call us or fill in the free cruise quote to the right and we will have a Hawaii cruise specialist call you back very quickly.

Some of the finest cruise lines in the world are offering 7 Day Hawaii Cruise sailings and we are proud to show case them in this site.  You can choose from a Carnival 7 Day Hawaii Cruise, Princess 7 Day Hawaii Cruise or even a Royal Caribbean 7 Day Hawaii Cruise.  These are all premium cruise lines and you will still enjoy top of the line amenities and service from start to finish.  For luxury 7 Day Hawaii cruise sailings you may want to pick a Seabourn 7 Day Hawaii Cruise, Regent 7 Day Hawaii Cruise or a Crystal 7 Day Hawaii Cruise.  Some of the finest Hawaii Cruise itineraries and sailings will belong to Holland America 7 Day Hawaii Cruise voyages. Any of these great cruise lines and their ships will give you plenty of time for discovery and exploration of these paradise islands of Hawaii.

Seven Day Hawaiian Cruises have really become one of the most popular and desired cruise voyage in the last ten years or so.  With the build out of new ships and the need to find exotic and convenient ports to set sail from, Hawaii and the 7 day Hawaiian cruise journeys became instant successes.  What can you expect when you take a seven day Hawaii cruise?  Some of the Norwegian 7 Day Hawaii Cruises will include the option of overnight stays in both Maui and Kauai and well as visiting the Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu.  You will have plenty of time for exploration and discovery of waterfalls, active volcanoes, multi colored beaches and the un spoiled nature of Hawaii.

A typical 7 Day Hawaii Cruise may look and feel like this.  You fly into Honolulu and spend a few days relaxing and then on Saturday you board your ship in Honolulu around 4 to 5 in the afternoon.  You then set sail around 7 in the evening headed for Maui.  In the morning you will arrive in Kahului or Maui around 8 and then plan on being in Maui overnight and then leave on Monday evening around 6 pm sailing for Hilo.  You then arrive in Hilo around 8 in the morning on Tuesday and you will have exploration time until your ships leaves around 6 pm headed for Kona.  You then visit Kona on Wednesday, Kauai on Thursday morning with an overnight stay and then leave Kauai on Friday afternoon around 2 headed back toward Honolulu.  This is what your 7 day Hawaii cruise could look like if you book your next adventure with Norwegian Hawaii cruises.  A couple cruise lines just added some Hawaii cruises, Disney 7 Day Hawaii Cruises and Silversea 7 Day Hawaii Cruise voyages are now available for preview on their pages.

Some information about your ports and destination would include a stay in Honolulu which is Hawaii's largest city.  You can visit Diamond Head or stroll Waikiki Beach, shop or visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific or visit the Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor.  Honolulu also has wonderful shopping, stores and good food.  Moving on to Maui you find the second most popular island with the town of Lahaina.  You can drive, walk, golf, play on the beaches or just chill in this paradise of Maui.  Sailing to Hilo will allow you to visit an active volcano, Kilauea Volcano or sightsee the spectacular flowers and tropical plants of the island.  Turning our sights then to Kona you should find warm weather and sunny beaches with crystal blue water.  Take a surfing or kayak lesson or try you luck with deep water fishing for the big ones.  The last stop of Kauai is considered by many to be the prettiest island of Hawaii.  Enjoy the beaches or the dramatic mountains of Kokee and the rainforests of Haena.  Any day in Hawaii is a day filled with the Aloha spirit.  For further information about 7 Day Alaska Cruise voyages, you will find some up to date and good cruise voyage information.  Also for some great Baltic and Scandinavian cruise information you may want to consider 7 Day Baltic Cruise sailings with itineraries and cruise voyage information.

















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